Editor-in-Chief Carlee Henderson with Founder and President Aubrey Gordon of Sprocket Communications. ‘Drop the Mic’ Small Business Owners Highlight Series.

Uploaded by Sprocket Communications, YouTube. 2018.

In January 2016, FLORA || FAUNA was formed and constructed by a three part process: curiosity, photography and layout design. The curiosity fell into place with wanting to interview local business owners and creatives who were succeeding in the competitive yet thriving Denver business market.

In a nation that runs on fast paced, mass-marketed franchised consumerism, FLORA || FAUNA set out to dig up and highlight a slower, more thought produced market that highlights artistic creativity and quality over quantity. Each issue is uniquely themed and curated with an exhibitionist process in mind.

The zine also gives opportunity to avant-garde artisans, photographers and designers to produce creative articles and storyboards about every day events in a new perspective of the city's underground art, music and fashion scene.

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