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UMS Content Series: The Still Tide

UMS Content Series: The Still Tide

Interview by Carlee Henderson @carleeah

Photography by Ash Taylor @thegutsandglory

Name: Anna Morsett

Band: The Still Tide

Genre: Indie Rock

Band formed: 2012

Band members: Anna Morsett, Jake Miller, Nate Meese, Joe Richmond (BUT FOR UMS Joe was Emily Gould of Spirettes, and Nate was Jeremy Averitt of Esme Patterson)

How was your UMS experience this year?

"Purely wild and delightful - classic UMS chaos & fun. The shows were amazing and, like every year, it just felt like the biggest family/musician reunion on south broadway I ever could’ve hoped for. So many buddies to see and so many chances to see our pals perform!"

What does UMS mean to you/ your band and for the city?

"Outside of the fun & hilarity of a gigantic friend/band reunion it also feels kind of like an anniversary for us. UMS kind of marks the beginning of our band’s life in Denver really. Seeing the vibrancy of our music community on the street in the space of a few blocks - then especially, as newcomers - really helped us decide that a Denver was where we wanted to be and grow."


What are your summer plans?

"We've been busy working on a full length record (!) and playing a few last Colorado shows before touring out east and over into Europe. Can’t wait to get overseas again with this band, been ages."

Favorite local: bands, bars, Instagrammers?

"Hard to choose just a few bands really - I just have all the love for anyone putting their hearts out there in music! As for bars, Sputnik is still a deep favorite. Instagrammers? Anyone who can make me laugh and remind me not take social media too seriously, ha! Lately @giftony has been cracking me up :)"

Favorite part of UMS this year?

"The Shingdig house/backyard party we played - the house was haunted! And I was just so moved by how many people came and how much love they filled those rooms with. That was just magic."

Andrea Slinde of Golden Root

Andrea Slinde of Golden Root

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Rachel Hartgen of Artisans Thrive