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Fall UK Tour: The Velveteers

Fall UK Tour: The Velveteers

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Interview by Carlee Henderson @carleeah

Words by Demi Demitro @thevelveteers

Names: Demi, Adrian, and John
Music genre: Rock 'n' Roll
Tour date span: October 12th - 27th


Congratulations on the European tour! How did the tour come to fruition? 

   "Thank you! It came to fruition through lots of hard work."

Have you been to Europe before? If so, where/when? 

   "Our very first tour was in the UK supporting Los Angeles duo Deap Vally. Not only was it our first tour, but it was also our first time out of the USA all together. We are very excited to finally be crossing the pond for the second time."

How long is the tour and where will you be traveling? 

   "The actual tour itself will be 2 weeks long and then we'll be staying in London for a while to do some top secret stuff after the tour is over. We'll be traveling all around the UK. This time we'll be visiting lots of places we've never been before, which we are very excited about."


What are you most excited about with going overseas?

   "The unknown is the most exciting thing about traveling. It will be great to see our UK fans again, they are amazing. It shall be an adventure."

One location you're particularly excited to visit/perform?

   "Everywhere. But in particular Liverpool, Edinburgh, Birmingham and London. We're looking forward to visiting a few graveyards too!"


Do you feel your music has many connections and influences to European Medieval Gothic (and Gothic Revival) architecture, art and culture?

   "Absolutely. We love all things gothic and medieval, especially in Europe where everything is so old. There is so much history and you can feel it when you are walking in the streets."

What are some European influences?

   "Some of our all time favorite bands are from the UK: T. Rex, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and The Beatles!"

Listen to The Velveteers debut EP album out now:
Follow The Velveteers on Instagram: @thevelveteers
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