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Caitlin Fullam of Barefoot Atlas

Caitlin Fullam of Barefoot Atlas


Interview by Carlee Henderson @carleeah

All photography Caitlin’s own

Name: Caitlin Fullam

Age: 27 

Business: Caitlin Fullam Photo

Hometown: Harrington Park, NJ

Social Media@barefootatlas

Pupper: Juniper is a 1.5 year old cattle dog mix with long butt feathers and fluffy ears.

How and when did you get involved with photography personally and professionally?

“I started getting into expired film and disposable cameras in college and was quickly hooked on it as a creative outlet. Then, a couple years ago I followed intuition and bought my first good DSLR around the same time as I quit a full-time job. While living off savings, I taught myself how to shoot manually, how to edit in Lightroom, and found my first portrait subjects off Craigslist, while also shooting all the moody landscapes I could find in the PNW. Since then I’ve worked as a photography intern at a lingerie company, a Field Scout photographer for Hipcamp, and have been working as a freelance photographer for about a year or so, mainly doing portraits and engagement shoots.”


How would you describe your photography/design style and what you lean toward aesthetically?

“My personal photography style is most often described as “dreamy” and depicts otherworldly “dreamscapes” and whimsical self portraits with soft pastel hues. I love creating a nostalgic vibe, shooting at sunrise to create a warm glow, and juxtaposing vintage feminine dresses with mountainous landscapes. Aesthetically I find myself leaning into color more and more, especially warmer tones which is a first for me, having been a green/blue girl all my life. I strive for magical realism with the occasional touch of minimalism, when I can manage it.”

How would you describe your personal style?

“I sometimes dress ultra feminine in vintage dresses with puffy sleeves, but other times I'm boyish and casual, especially for all the dog walking and hiking I do. Right now if I could reinvent my wardrobe, I’d probably wear all soft comfy fabrics in monochromatic warm colors and nothing else. Almost everything I wear is somewhat intentionally haphazard from various thrift stores.”

What is your favorite part of your profession?

“In my portrait work, I really value the feeling of making another person feel super relaxed and confident in front of the camera. It’s the best feeling to create that vulnerable place of trust with a stranger, to be silly and to make them feel beautiful, and to create magic together. In my personal work, I love the whole process of visioning, bringing the idea to life out in the wild somewhere alone with my dog, quiet except for the click of the shutter, and the therapeutic editing process that happens later. It’s the best when things play out just as imagined, or even better.”


Least favorite?

“I don’t love looking at screens as much as I do for work, especially when it comes to Instagram. I struggle with it as much as anyone else, I suppose, and some periods of time feel better than others.”

What are your inspirations?

“Nature and women are my two biggest inspirations: the magic of the female form and the crazy complex designs and textures you find in simple things such as leaves or bark or wings. And also shadows and light and reflections, and everything vintage, faded, or forgotten. But when I’m really needing perspective and inspiration, I find a quiet walk outdoors in the fresh air is the best for generating new ideas. I love just looking around, walking slowly, appreciating the trees and flowers as much as the crumbling buildings and disarray. Follow that up with a long drive alone in the middle of nowhere with good music.”


The outdoors is the perfect backdrop to many of your photos/shoots! Living in this part of the country, how would you describe your relationship with nature?

“I often feel like the luckiest person ever to get to live in this outdoor paradise where I can hike with my dog every single morning in the foothills. It’s a ritual I have come to depend on for mental and physical health. The bonus is that I also am able to shoot my photos ten minutes from home, while also having endless road trip and exploration opportunities here in Colorado, the Southwest, and up North to Montana and beyond. I have infinite gratitude and appreciation for the nature I get to experience every day.”

If you weren't doing photography, what do you think you'd pursue?

“I think I’d either a therapist or a painter. OR I’d live somewhere off grid in an intentional community where we’d grow our own food and I’d become knowledgable in permaculture.”


Plans for 2019?

It’s definitely a year of growth for me. I plan to grow my business, work with many new faces and brands, try my hand at more studio work, and push all of my boundaries. I’d love to meet more inspiring people who challenge me, and I’m hoping to do some international travel!”


Favorite local (Denver or Boulder!):

Restaurants- “Tiffins for Indian lunch special, Zoe Ma Ma for Chinese street food, Amu for Japanese pub, & My Ramen for… ramen. ;) “

Bars- “I don’t drink much but the No Name bar is my favorite in Boulder because they have live music and you can eat pizza there from Cosmos next door.”

Instagrammers- “@kimberlycrist, @elliejohnson, @becca_reitz “

Small businesses- “Sturtz & Copeland nursery, Trident Bookstore & Cafe, Two Hands Paperie.”

Photogenic spots- “Chautauqua, the Boulder creek path, Settlers Park, drive up Flagstaff Mountain.”

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