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The Electric Lady: Photographer Danielle Webster

The Electric Lady: Photographer Danielle Webster


Interview by Carlee Henderson @carleeah

Photography by Alexander Ablola @alexander.ablola

Name: Danielle Webster

Age: 30 (*soon to be 31 on 11/26)

Hometown: Grand Prairie, TX 

Social Media: @electriclady_shoots | www.daniellewebster.com


How did you get involved with photography and when was the moment you realized you wanted to pursue it professionally? 

“I never really knew I wanted to do this until wayyy after I started at 17 around 2003. I just picked up a 3 megapixel camera at Walmart and started playing 'Americas Next Top Model' in the backyard with my sister.. she did her makeup and I would take photos. I started doing senior pictures for kids in my school and then when it came time for college I sort of just did photography because I didn't know what else to do.”

“After college I was really over schooling and stopped doing photography altogether. It wasn't until after I moved to Europe and was photographing my travels that I realized there was so much I could do with it besides fine art projects in school...and when I moved back something happened and I got up on my 26th birthday and started actively trying to pursue it. When I moved here I just kept going and now I've been doing it intentionally for about 4 years.. although technically I've been shooting since I was 17. So shooting about nearly half my life but it took me till recently to understand that a true passion doesn't quit you. You can break, pause, turn away from it, but it will always be at you in the back of your soul until one day it overtakes you and you realize you can't stop even if you wanted to. That's kind of how this is, I never know for sure whether I'm doing the right thing because it's hard as hell sometimes... but I can't stop even if I wanted to.”

How long have you been involved in this profession? 

“Professionally, about 4 years. In life, about 15 years.”


What does your logo and company name Electric Lady represent?

“I’ve been referring to myself as an Electric Lady since I was about 20 and deep into my Jimi Hendrix phase. It was an album name and a song, 'Have you ever been to Electric Ladyland' - a song about the metaphor of a woman who acts as a siren type characater.. who is full of electricity and energy, who makes you feel creative and alive, who inspires you, and who is completely raw in themselves. I felt very connected to this idea and it's been more or less my screen name or account names ever since. When I decided to re-brand, I realized I am and have always been an Electric Lady and my photography reflects that as well in color, composition, and energy. (Side note: Justine Henderson -click for more- did my logo!)”

You travel nationally for work, not just centralized in Denver. What kind of shoots make you travel outside of Denver?

“I travel to show others my experiences in different cities or countries, and I also am always down to collab on concepts. As an example, this summer I went to Georgia with @lucile_irl for a photo and literary conceptual project about black history in our country. I feel strongly about using photography to tell people's stories and change mindsets, so I'm constantly trying to either travel and show new places and cultures, or collab with other creatives to inspire through visuals." 


Describe your photography style and what you lean toward aesthetically:

“My style focuses heavily on color, light, and feeling. I want my work to look the way a memory feels. I lean towards people in any aspect, whether that's travel journalism or an editorial & lifestyle shoot, I always incorporate a human element.”

How would you describe your personal style? What is your favorite part of your profession? 

“My personal style is focused on those raw moments in between moments, and a 'whatever happens happens' flow. I like to have an idea or concept in mind, but most of the best shots happen unplanned.”

“I'd say my favorite part is the fact that I am more or less my own boss, and  I can be who I want and still get the job done. A lot of the corporate world has you trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, and although I'm not traditional in a lot of ways I'd say I'm more relatable to my subjects.”


Least favorite?

“It's a lot of screen time having to always be on a computer or dealing with a screen, and it's a very expensive passion when staying relevant means being up to date with the best quality technology.”

What is your craziest photo shoot story? (In a short summary.)

“Not sure if this is my craziest but off the top of my head, in Atlanta this summer I was walking down a street just photographing things and I ran into this guy who I asked to take his picture. Long story short he went from refusing a photo at first because he's not photogenic, to LOVING the photo of him, saying it was the best photo of him ever! We hung out the rest of the day driving around ATL as he showed me different spots and places, then later dropped me off to meet back up with my friend. Random connection!”

What is the message you are sending / want to send with your work?

“I want to open mindsets about places, cultures, and people. I want to inspire travel and communication. I want to make you feel something.”


Plans for the rest of the year?

“Plans include shooting the winner of my contest I had last month, releasing the photo project with @lucile_irl, traveling to Canada to shoot & explore, and picking outfits for NYE.”

Plans for 2019?

“I’m planning a trip to Nashville in March, and some surprises for next year I don't want to announce quite yet.”

Favorite local:

Restaurants- City O City, Tacos Tequila Whiskey, Odyssey Italian, and Go Fish Sushi

Bars- Meadowlark, Matchbox, and My Brothers Bar (oldest bar in Denver!)

Instagrammers- sierravossphotography, lucile_irl, alexander abola, styledbyhannahmoon, kylafearphotography, sammykeller

electric lady.png


Interview by Carlee Henderson @carleeah

Photography by Alexander Ablola @alexander.ablola

@electriclady_shoots | www.daniellewebster.com

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