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Video Premiere of 'Boyfriend': The Corner Girls

Video Premiere of 'Boyfriend': The Corner Girls

Local band The Corner Girls (click click…) get real about friendships and connect with many of their listeners with their song, ‘Boyfriend,’ off their EP “Talkin’ About Boys”. With a catchy riff and relatable ‘yell in your car’ lyrics, this playful yet clever video is a fun tag along for the viewer.

“I think the video kind of speaks for itself in just an exaggeration of real feelings we all have when a friend seems to value a relationship over a friendship and is even willing to abandon friendships for a romantic partner. Sometimes you can't really do anything but be there for the friend and wish he'd just disappear. But obviously at the same time we have fun with everything we do and came up with a fake scenario that we really just ran with.”

The video, which was directed by local filmmaker Jonah Sublette, follows the trio as they play out a funny story that many of us have thought to do but then took it one step further…

“This video definitely could not have been done without the help of our friend Jonah Sublette who directed, filmed, and edited this for us. Sometimes we can be a lot to work with because we have a lot of ideas that we just threw at him, but he pulled it all together in a way that we love and hope others will love too!”

About the Band…

Breanna Ahlgren (vox/guitar), Jessica Pulido (bass), Madi Pietruszka (drums/vox)

When did you form The Corner Girls?

“We played our first show in January of 2016 after practicing for a couple months. We had always played around with the idea of forming a band, and wanted to start playing shows pretty immediately. So after we only had like 5 songs we just went for it.”

How would you describe your sound?

“We made our own genre when we started that we call "pastel punk" as a softer more melody focused punk rock. Even as our music has evolved the genre still feels right which is cool.”

Local favorite: bands/bars/shops? 

“I think Hi-Dive on South Broadway will always hold a special place in our hearts. That was the bar we use to go to all the time when we were becoming friends to see live music and dance. We love seeing our fave local bands play there like Dirty Few & Vic N' the Narwhals. We are also suckers for a good thrift shop.”

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Upcoming events?

“We do have some set shows for December 5,6,7,8 with "Chief White Lightning" throughout Colorado. We're looking forward to it!”

Where do you see yourselves in 6 months?

“Writing new music! After getting a feel for the process after releasing our EP this summer as well as this video, (and a really fun summer full of performing it) we're ready to get back to ourselves and focus on writing for a bit. Planning for some festivals & more shows in 2019!”

Interview by Carlee Henderson @carleeah

Photography by Sanjana Stein @sanjanaelina

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